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If you have a catering business, then you must have to deal with a lot of competition. The industry is growing, and more people are starting this business. You need to promote your business to get more customers and stand out from the other catering businesses. Our magazine is about catering services in Canada. So, the readers will be interested in catering businesses. You will reach your target customers by advertising your business here.

We offer several advertising opportunities in our magazine, and it gives them flexibility in choosing the type of advertisement. Our team sits with the clients and discusses their needs. They can suggest the best advertising option according to the type of business and budget.

We offer banner ads that are flexible and affordable. You can choose from different sizes of banner ads. If you want, you can share the space with other clients; this will reduce the advertising cost. You can choose the duration of the advertisement.

We provide product reviews - Advertisement

We provide product reviews and highlight the best features of your business. People nowadays trust product reviews before purchasing. So, it is a very effective advertising option. We can review your catering business so that you get more customers.

We send monthly newsletters to our subscribers. You can place your ads there so that more readers view your ad. You can provide special promotions or discount with the ad to grab the readers’ attention.

We are very active on our social media pages. We post news and articles regularly, and we can post your advertisement too. You will reach a lot of prospective customers within a short time with social media ads.

You can contact us to get a free quote for the advertising options. We will help you in creating your ad so that you get the best results from the campaign.