Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

Menus And Drinks

As your big day is approaching, you need to decide on your wedding reception menu. Food is a very important part of a wedding reception party, and you can impress your guests easily with it. Here are some tips on picking the best menu for your party.

Select the serving style

Select the serving style - Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

You can serve your meals in different ways like plated meals, serving stations, buffet, or family-style. Once you select how you want to serve the food, it will be easier for you to decide on the menu. You should consider your space and the number of guests to decide on the serving style. You need to make sure that it fits your budget.

Seasonal options

You should select seasonal items because they are fresh and less expensive. For example, choose summer fruits during summer. Iced tea, chicken, fish, and lemonade will be good choices for summertime. In winter, you can choose creamy soups, hot chocolate, steak, and others.

Choose your favourites

Choose your favourites - Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

The couple’s favourites must be included in the menu. You may include something you have eaten at a restaurant on your first date, for example. You should also consider what items the guests may like.

Consider dietary needs

Some of your guests may be diabetic or have food allergies. You should consider these things when choosing the menu. You should have sugar-free desserts, for example. It is better to keep a variety of food options so that the guests can choose whatever is suitable for their health.

Excellent presentation

Excellent presentation - Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

The food must be presented well so that they look attractive and delicious. You must ask your caterer to present the food aesthetically. You can go with your wedding them and present the food accordingly.

You should plan for the menu well ahead of your wedding date. Have a budget and choose menus accordingly. You can think outside the box too. Instead of having the traditional two or three-course meal, you can have an outdoor standing buffet or smaller meals.

You can ask the guests about their dietary needs in advance so that you can incorporate those into your menu. Find out a good catering service provider to provide the best food to your guests.